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Cool Na Grena - Oldenburg Sporthorses for Dressage, Hunter, Jumper, Eventing
2015 Accomplishments:
  • 2015 3rd place USEF Leading Eventing Breeder
  • 2015 top 100 USEF Leading Jumper Breeder
  • Champion colt - Hilltop farm ISR/Old NA inspection - Quiberon:

  • Champion filly – Hilltop Farm ISR/Old NA inspection - Elsa:

  • Third place East Coast YEH Championships, highest jumping/gallop score - Quantum Leap
  • 4th Place BLM Championships 2cd Level, Highest Adult Amateur - Aheadofthebest

Quiberon and Elsa

2015 started off with the arrival of 3 healthy foals!
A custom breeding for Ursula Ferrier of Ridgley MD gave her the chestnut colt Irie, by her stallion Inverness and out of the Elite mare Rehobeth. That was followed by the ET foal Elsa (Everdale- Balmoral Elite) and last, but not least the colt Quiberon (Quite Easy- Avalon). These foals went to the Old Na inspections in August where they were all Premium and Quiberon was Champion colt (8.3, 8.7, 8.6) and Elsa was Champion filly (8.2, 8.5, 8.3) both these foal ended up in the top 10 in the US, with Quiberon being 3rd and Elsa 5th!

The competition season also went well:
  • Merlin (Mighty Magic - Leia) started off the season with a win at BN, moved up to novice and won and placed at that level. We hope to move up to training next year:

  • Wailea (Wamberto- Rehobeth) placed at training level with rider Brittni Poland
  • Quantum Leap (Quite Capitol- Report to Sloopy) and Doug Payne were third at the YEH East Coast Championships in the 4 year old class, with the highest jumping/gallop score and had multiple top 5 placings at novice this spring and summer

Doug also had quite a season with Lysander (Lordship – Just for Terry) with the following:
  • 3rd Carolina International CIC*
  • 2cd Jersey Fresh CIC**
  • 1st Plantation CIC**
  • 6th Fair Hill International CCI**
  • 5th on the year end USEA Leaderboard for Intermediate.

There a couple more offspring who hopefully I'll see in the standings for next year - Quantico (Coti Hausman), Brigantine (Stefanie Peck), Quantum Leap (Doug Payne), Graf Bobby (Dick Bayly) and maybe Monterey (Teresa Martinoli)!

A big congratulations to Doug and Jess Payne, who purchased Quiberon and demonstrated faith in our breeding program, as they now own 4 of our homebreds.

Aheadofthebest went to her first recognized dressage show and qualified for the BLM Championships at First and second level. At her second recognized show, she place 4th in the second level Championship class, and was the highest scoring Adult Amateur. We look forward to third level next year!
Balmoral (Bugatti Hilltop –Princess Nancy) and I competed at 3rd Level for the first time and earned our USDF Bronze medal this year. She will be bred to Everdale for an ET foal this spring. That will be one heck of a dressage horse!

Aheadofthebest (Best of the Bests- Bold Consort) had a spectacular year. She competed at first level dressage and is schooling second level. She also competed at BN, with a move up to novice planned for 2104. However, she really shone in the inspection results this year. In July, she was accepted by AHS, with a score of 7.5 and passed her MPT with an 8 for rideabiltiy and a 7.22 overall, moving her up to the Main Studbook. She is in the top 10 mares scored by AHS overall this year. She followed this up with premium status of 106 points at her RPSI inspection, and Champion mare that day and passé her MPT with 70%, making her eligible for Elite status. She then topped it off with a score of 56 at her RPSI inspection, making her the top mare in the US for RPSI! Although we wont be breeding her next year.

Merlin was 4th in the YEH East Coast Championships at Fair Hill this fall, and will be starting his competition career in 2004.

Although we did not have any foals in2013, we are looking forward to 2 new arrivals in 2014 and will be breeding both Balmoral to Everdale for an ET foal and Avalon to Ulmar Mail.
Although I did not get to compete much this year, horses bred by us continue to shine both locally and nationally.

We sold all 4 yearlings to performance homes this spring and fall and are quite excited that Doug Payne and Dick Bayley of Canada see the potential in these boys. Too bad we have to wait another 3 years....

Finally, we added 2 TB mares to our roster this year - Aheadofthebest and First Crack. These mares are eventually going to be added to the broodmare band. Aheadofthebest was given 101 points at her Old Na inspection, and is going to event this spring as well as complete the MPT for both ISR and AHS this summer. We also hope to present First Crack this year (see our mares page for more info)

We added only 1 foal this year - Monterey - a filly by Mighty Magic out of our Elite Riverman mare Rehobeth. Bred to event, that's for sure!

Slate River (Riverman - Etoile - Bonjour) competed once again at the Rolex 4* in Ky and jumped clean around a big xc course. However, he was not able to present at the vet check on Sunday. He is now 14 and this will be his last 4 - however, Heather plans to move him into the show ring after this.

Lysander ( Lordship - Just For Terry), ridden and owned by Doug Payne, won the Training Horse Division of American Eventing Championships , finishing on his dressage score of 22. He has completed a few prelim events this year as a 5 yr old, finished 5th in the YEH Championships at Fair Hill and is a real upper level prospect for Doug.

Balmoral ( Bugatti Hilltop - Princess Nancy) was the BLM Reserve Champion (out of 34 entries) and was 5th in the second level BLM Championships in her first year of competition at that level.

Lieges ( now Sight Unseen) ( Linaro- Hilary), now owned by Kate Kimball, is also starting an event career! We wish them all the best and look forward to seeing them compete.
Our foals did well at inspections this year with 3 premiums awarded ( see our sales page for more info) Doug Payne continues to campaign 4 year old Lysander at Novice level with a move up to training level soon. Avalon is winning ribbons at BN, with a move to Novice this fall and Balmoral is under saddle again ( keeping fingers crossed!) We'd love to have any info about our babies to post here or on Facebook!

Congratulations to Slate River and Heather Morris, who finished 2nd at The Fork Advanced and then went on to Rolex, where they finished 22nd. Twelfth after dressage, they had an unlucky glance off and some time xc, but finished with a double clear stadium round. "Roe" made it look easy. We look forward to seeing them out this fall with an eye on the London games.

We welcomed 4 new foals this spring - all bay colts! We had a scare with Quite Expensive ( Quite Easy- Emma), who earned his name with 3 weeks in the NICU at New Bolton. He has recovered well from being a "dummy" foal, and we look forward to inspections later this summer. See our sales page for more info on all these babies!
Unfortunately, Balmoral was injured in the pasture this winter and may not recover enough to be riding sound. We decided to breed her, and she is in foal l to the Hanoverian show jumping stallion Stalypso for a 2011 foal.

Avalon was presented to Old NA this year as a 3 year old and was given a Premium rating with 105 points , with 7.5 for swing and elasticity. This made the 3rd generation of Premium mares for us, from our foundation mare,Noontime Surprise xx. Avalon is hacking out and going well under saddle and the plan is to point her towards the YEH classes in 2011. She has won consistently at the FEH classes since she was a yearling.

Quirimbas ( Quite Easy-Rehobeth- Riverman) was the Reserve Champion colt at his inspection in August and was a Premium colt See sales page for pics and more info.

Merlin ( Mighty Magic-Leia - Le Champion ) was given on overall 7.8 at inspection and was labeled "a real event horse - not afraid of anything!" see the sales page for more info.

We acquired a new mare this year Emma(, Mokheiba- Babamist) bred by Denis Glaccum , she competed to the 1* level and won several preliminary horse trials. and has 30 grading points. She is in foal to Quite Easy for 2011. See our mares page for more info.

Congratulations to Kristen Michaloski and her trainer Doug Payne on the purchase of Lysander ( Lordship - Just for Terry), who will also be pointed at the YEH classes next year!

We are happy to announce that all 3 of our 2010 foal arrived safely.

The first was LA REINA (Landkonig/Report To Sloopy) who arrived 9 days early on Feb 22. This big bay filly, owned by Emily Allen is super sweet and loves attention. She has 3 white socks and a big blaze.

Both Merlin and Quirimbas are for sale!

The second foal is MERLIN, by Mighty Magic out of Leia. He was born on Mar 21 and is Leia's first foal. She had a number of health issues during her pregnancy so we are pleased to have him arrive safe and sound. He's bred to event and has the same lovely face as his mom.

Our last foal was born on Apr 5. QUIRIMBAS is by Quite Easy out of the Elite mare Rehobeth. This colt is something special and we are looking forward to his unfolding a little more. He is already jumping poles in the field at 7 days old!

Slate River's 6th place finish on the USEA's leaderboard and Balmoral's wins at Novice and Training helped to lead me to the 2009 USEF National Eventing Breeder of the Year award. This is a great honor, and a pleasant surprise to a breeder who only produces 2 - 3 foals a year!

Among his many wins in 2009 , Slate River won the CCI** at Weatherford and Poplar Place and he placed 11th at his first CCI*** in the mud at Fair Hill . I was able to go and watch him in the pouring rain at Fair Hill, and man, can he jump! Congratulations to his rider, Heather Morris , who was selected as the recipient of the Amanda Warrington award and will train with "Roe" with an eye towards the Rolex **** in April.

Balmoral finished the year tied for 9th in the US out of 225 mares inspected by AHS ( and the top TB cross!). She also had the 2cd highest MPT in the US. She finished out her year with wins at Training Level eventing, a 12th inthe USEA Young Event Horse Championships ( ridden in the deep mud by her ammie older breeder/rider!), a 3rd at the BLM Regional Championships at training level dressage, and wins at First Level with scores of 69% I am looking forward to a move up to Prelim eventing and second level dressage in 2010.
Congratulations to Heather Morris and Slate River (formerly known as Roanoke) who have won an Intermediate division at the Ocala Winter HT and also won the Poplar Place CIC** Roanoke was the 1998 ISR East Coast Foal Champion.
UPDATE: Heather Morris and Slate River continue their willing ways, as he leads the US as Intermediate Horse of the Year as of Aug 15 and is in the top 10 Horses of the year overall for points for the USEA.

Both our 2009 foals were Premium at their OLD/NA inspection, both with scores of 8.2 , and placing 2nd and 3rd overall. (See for sale page for more info)

Balmoral was the top scoring mare at the AHS inspection at High Point Hanoverians in July with an 7.83, including multiple 8,s and a 9 for her walk. She also won the MPT with 9's for her walk, trot and rideability, for an overall score of 8.27.

Rehobeth has now attained the "Elite" title from ISR/OLDNA with the presentation and grading of Wailea as Premium. There are only a handful of mares in the US to have attained this.

We welcomed 2 new foals this spring, a filly by Wamberto ( his first foal!) and a colt by Landfriese II. See more info on our sales page.


Congratulations to Kristin McNamara and Corsica ( Contefino- Rodanthe) who won the national DHSB award for PHR. They were the top score in the nation for all ages!

Not to be outdone, Balmoral was the top scoring mare in the US for RPSI out of all mares inspected - following last year's winner Rehobeth. I am thrilled to have bred the top scoring mare in the US for the last 2 years in a row.

Balmoral also was the highest scoring mare on the East Coast for ISR/Old and attained her stars for Premium mare and Mare performance test.

Our breeding program was also recognized for its quality by ISR/Old, as we are one of 3 breeders in the US to attain the 3 star awards for Premium foal produvction, Premium mare production and , most importantly, Performance success. ( And as a side note, I personally rode all of my homebreds to their performance records, which sure says a lot about their temperaments.!)

Photo courtesy of Angela Barilar
We did well at inspections this year, with Balmoral taking top honors and premium status at both her ISR and RPSI inspections. She also passed her MPT with 76%. She competed with her amateur owner in the FEI 4 yr old class, with scores to 7.58%, won some Training level dressage scores with 68%, and proved her versatility by competing and placing at novice eventing and placing in the top 5 under saddle at Dressage at Devon in the same week!
Lantana ( Le Chamion - Travellingknightly) and Elizabeth Webb continued their wonderful partnership with wins in the Junior Jumpers and a win at the State College Miniprix!

Photo courtesy of Randi Master
Avalon ( A Fine Romance - Rodanthe) won 2 FEH yearling classes this year, with wonderful comments about her suitability for an upper level event career.

Photos courtesy of GRC Photography
Corsica ( Contefino- Rodanthe) qualified for the USDF Finals in the Midwest with several wins at the KDA Breed shows. He went on to win the Midwest Breeders Championship for Colts and Geldings for USDF Congratulations to Kristin McNamara!

Photo courtesy of Kristin McNamara
Foals of 2008
We welcomed 3 new babies for 2008. All arrived healthy and on time!
Altamira - Cathalido - Hillary - Holsteiner filly
Quantico - Quite Easy - Little Black - OldNA colt
Cayman - Cicera's Icewater - Report To Sloopy - RPSI colt

Please see our sales page for more info on these lovely prospects.

We had our largest foal crop in several years, with the arrival of 2 colts and 2 fillies this year.
Everyone arrived safe, sound and healthy! They are:

Zhivago - Ariadus - Hillary - Holsteiner filly
Lysander - Lordship - Just For Terry - Oldenburg colt
Catoctin - Cicera's Icewater - Report To Sloopy - RPSI colt
Avalon - A Fine Romance - Rodanthe - Oldenburg filly ( staying with us as a future competition horse and broodmare prospect)

Please see our sales page for more info on these lovely prospects.

Our mares did well at inspections:

Rehobeth scored 57 points at the RPSI inspection, with 9's for type, canter, overall impression and 8's for trot and conformation - the highest score in the US!
Little Black scored 50 points, for a Premium mare designation with RPSI and also scored 101 points a her ISR inspection. She also passed her MPT with a 72.2% and scores of 7.5 and 8.5 for her jumping.
Rodanthe was reinspected and scored 105 points at the ISR inspection , for a Premium RPSI - 57 points.
Noontime Surprise xx, my foundation mare, has now achieved her 3rd star in the ISR inspection system - one of only a few mares in the US to do so. She turns 22 next year and is enjoying retired life.

In the performance ring, sporthorses bred and sold by us continue to perform with their adult amateur and junior riders:

Lantana, ridden by Elizabeth Webb, is showing and winning at the level 7 jumpers and Mini prix.
Leia, owned and ridden by Elizabeth Callahan is competing at Intermediate eventing and 2cd level dressage.
Roanoke, owned and shown by Morgan Grissom is competing at Preliminary level eventing.
Fiona, owned by Michael Linardi and Denali, owned by Tracy Fraser, continue to win and place at USDF dressage shows.
Our horses continue to prove themselves in the competition arena. Here are some highlights.

Photo courtesy of Shannon Brinkman
Leia ( Le Champion - Princess Nancyxx) attained Grade 1 event horse status, with wins at preliminary at Wardaca (MD) and the Virginia Horse Trials. She also completed her first Intermediate event with a clean xc jumping round. She placed at 8 out of 9 preliminary events this year with her adult amateur owner.
Rehobeth ( Riverman- Noontime Surprisexx */*/-) placed at 3/3 Training level horse trials early in the season and was 9th at her first preliminary start in May. An injury left her sidelined for the rest of the year, but she should resume her prelim career next spring.
Corsica ( Contefino- Rodanthe) was rated a merit foal with scores of 7,7 at the AHHA inspection in Oct.
Roanoke ( Riverman- Etoile) and Morgan Grissom continue to event, with a win at preliminary in August.
Lantana and Elizabeth Webb, are winning and placing in level 5 and 6 jumpers.
Fiona ( Feinbrand- Princess Nancyxx) and Denali (Davginport- Princess Nancyxx) both won training level dressage classes at the recognized shows at Morven Park and Dressage @ Lexington with their adult amateur owners with scores of over 70%!
Our new TB mares Report to Sloopy and Just For Terry were both inspected and placed in the ISR MMB. Report to Sloopy was also presented to RPSI, where she was rated premium and the high score mare of the inspection, with scores of 8 for canter and type and 7 for her walk and conformation. The inspectors commented that she was the perfect type of mare to cross with a warmblood.

Report To Sloopy

Just For Terry
Corsica (Contefino - Rodanthe)

Our mare Rodanthe ( Riverman - Noontime Surprise) delivered a colt on May 2nd. He is by the Holsteiner stallion Contefino ( Contender- Corofino). "Connor" will be gray, and should have tremendous jumping talent, given his bloodlines! He will be registered AHHA and inspected in October. Contefino has been sold as an international jumper to Italy, so this is one of the few foals by him in the US. FOR SALE

LEIA continued her career in eventing, carrying me to the USEA National Championship Master Preliminary title. She won divisions of prelim at Plantation Horse Trials (PA), MCTA Horse Trials (MD), Seneca Valley Horse Trials (MD), and was Reserve Champion Area 2 Preliminary Championships( VA).We also completed 2 CCI* ( classic format) 3 day events, with a 12th in the CCI*YH division at the Virginia 3 day event in May, and a 9th at the Morven Park (VA) 3 day in October. At Morven, she finished on her dressage score, one of only 5 in the 70+ entries to do so! She accumulated 37.5 points this year, making her a Grade 2 ranked event horse at this time.

REHOBETH also started her event career off with a bang, winning divisions of novice at Jumping Branch (SC), and Plantation (PA).. She moved up to training and won that division at Weave a Dream (MD) and was 4th at the Area 2 Championships in October. She was also named Area 2 year end Champion Young Novice Horse and Young Training Horse. We also participated in the USEA Young Event Horse series, with 2 seconds and an 8th at the National Finals in October. We hope to move up to Prelim this year.

Both our foals this year went to the AHHA inspection in Lexington Va, where they were both awarded merit foal status, with scores of 7,7 for Lieges and 6,8 for Anzio. Both boys were great for their first trip off the farm!

Congrats to Morgan Grissum of Oklahoma on the purchase of Roanoke ( Riverman-Etoile). "Ro" is starting his eventing career well, with a win at Novice at Crosstar (OK). Morgan hopes to move up to training level in 2006, and is schooling second level dressage.

We have purchased 2 TB mares to add some "blood' back to our sporthorse lines:
  • Just For Terry is a 17h bay mare ( Roanoke-Dance Delirious). She is a big bodied mare with steeplechase lines.
  • Report To Sloopy ( Corporate Report - Nearly Sloopy) is a half sister to John Willaims 4* horse Sloopy.
Both mares will be bred this spring to Holsteiner stallions for future athletic sporthorses. Stay tuned for pictures and more info!
NEW ARRIVAL - "LEX" 2005 bay Holsteiner colt Linaro- Hillary ( Ceasar _LeSanto)
Handsome, leggy typey colt with 3 white socks and a star and snip, born March 12. Very attractive and a half sibling to 3 Premium foals. This guy should be a lovely competition prospect. $8500 now

Congratulations to Marty Morani and Lantana, who finished 7th in their first advanced competition at Rocking Horse Horse Trials in Fla.! Lantana will continue to compete at the advanced level this spring, with our sights on the North Georgia*** and Jersey Fresh ***events

We are saddened to report the loss of one of our foundation mares this winter. Princess Nancy xx was euthanized due to colic in February. She produced 5 Premium foals with Old/NA including 2 site champions, (Denali and Rivendell), a DAD winner ( Denali), and a Preliminary level event horse( Leia). We will miss her and her typey, elegant foals. Her legacy will remain in her daughters.
LEIA ( Le Champion - Princess Nancy ) continues to shine in the eventing world, as she was named USEA Area 2 Young Horse Preliminary Champion, placing in the top 6 at all events entered ( except the single one where her rider jumped the wrong jump! - not her fault!). She also qualified for the Area 2 Championships at preliminary as well as the American Eventing Championships and the De Broke Championship for 2005 . This was her first year at preliminary competition. She also qualified for the Bengt Ljunquist dressage finals at first level ( in only one show). She will continue her eventing career next year as we hope to compete and complete our first CCI*

LANTANA ( Le Champion - Travellingknighly), Competed at the Kentucky Classic CIC**, and attained several placings at Intermediate this year, with clean and fast crosscountry times. He qualified and was entered at the Radnor CCI ** , but a spider bite forced him to scratch 2 days before the competition. He will compete at the Advanced level with Marty Morani in 2005. We are aiming for the North Georgia CIC*** and the Jersey Fresh CCI***

REHOBETH ( Riverman-Noontime Surprise), was Champion Mare, Champion Mature Horse and Reserve Grand Champion at the Fair Hill Dressage Sporthorse Show. This qualified her for the Cosequin East Coast Mare Finals at Dressage at Devon, where she placed 3rd. She also completed her Mare Performance Test offered by ISR, obtaining scores of 8 for jumping style and ability and finished with a 72.8%, earning her her second star for mares. She also started her competition career, earning wins at dressage and schooling events this year., with scores as high as 81.5%

UTARI ( Ariadus- Hillary) was top foal and the only horse to score 9 at the AHHA inspection in Lexington , Va. She received an 8 for type and a 9 for movement. This now makes 3 consecutive years that this combination of bloodlines has garnered the top score at the AHHA inspection.

CAMILLE ( Cicero - Chanel) owned by Jillisa Coenen, ranked 22cd in the US in Maiden and Yeld Mares in the USDF final standings.
REHOBETH was scored as the top mare and the only Premium mare of the Hilltop Farm inspection in July with a score of 107 . Rodanthe, presented as a 2 year old scored 103 points, for the 3rd highest score. There were 26 mares inspected. Rehobeth also placed 5th in the 3yr old fillies class at the PVDA breeding show in August and won the ISR/Oldenburg breed class at the same show.

Rehobeth went to Dressage at Devon in September, where she was 8th in the 3 yr old fillies class and was second in the ISR/Old NA class ( of 23) with the amazing score of 84.7, one tenth of a point behind the winner. She received scores of 8.5 for her trot and overall impression and an 8.4 for her walk, She also was third in the get of sire class for Riverman.

She then travelled to the AHHA inspection at Hilltop Farm in October ,where she was again the Champion mare, earning 50 points and the designation of Premium Select mare, again the only mare to earn that designation. The point scores, included an 8 for type, a 7 for topline, front legs and canter and a 9 for her trot. Only one other mare in the US received a 9 this year!
View video clip
RODANTHE travelled to 2 inspections this year as a 2 year old. She scored 103 points at the OLD/NA inspection and 45 bonits at the AHHA inspection. She received an 8 for her trot from the AHHA and 7.5 for walk and swing/elasticity from the Oldenburg judges. Both scores missed premium status by one point, so we will present her again in 2005.

Photo Courtesy of GRC photography
LEIA had another outstanding year in competition. She was accepted in the Main mare book for AHHA and also passed her mare performance test offered by AHHA. She also qualified for the Regional finals at training level dressage and also was a stellar performer on the cross country course.

In her first year of recognized competition, she won two Novice events at Weave a Dream (MD) and Fair Hill (MD), and then moved up to Training level in the middle of the year. She placed in 5 of 6 horse trials at Training level, with wins at Middletown Horse ( DE) and Marlborough (MD) , two seconds, and a third. This qualified her for the Training Championships in 2004 (5 times!), and also the East Coast Championships in 2004. She also was Young Horse Training Champion for Area 2, and tied for Reserve Champion Young Novice Horse. I hope to show her at preliminary next year.

ARNHEM (Ariadus- Hillary) was our only foal presented this year. He scored an 8 for type and a 9(!) for movement and was the champion foal at the AHHA inspection at Hilltop Farm in October.

RIGEL( Riverman- Etoile) won the 2yr old Colt Class at the KDA Breed Classic and Spring Warm-up in May,and qualified for the USDF Cosequin Regional . He also was the Reserve Champion colt at the Dressage at the Kentucky Horse Park/Cosequin finals
LEIA (Le Champion x Princess Nancy) continues to do well in the show ring. She has qualified for the Bengt Ljunquist finals at training level and has also won divisions of novice at Weave A Dream Horse trials (MD) and Fair Hill (MD) horse trials, finishing on her dressage score.
Leia Jumping
Photo by GRC Photography
Leia Under SaddleLeia Jumping
We are excited to announce that Leia passed her Mare Perfomance test offered by ISR/OLD NA this year. She showed beautifully for a 4yr old and even tried to impress the judges by following them around the indoor and inspecting the score sheets as the judges were writng on them. She was busy this year, competing at the beginner novice and novice levels in eventing and at dressage shows, with scores in the 70% range. I hope to compete her next year at training level eventing, first level dressage.
Lantana Lantana LANTANA, ridden by Marty Morani, also continues his event season and has now achieved graded status with his wins and placings at preliminary and Intermediate - see Horses For Sale for more details.

FIONA, 2002 filly by Feinbrand - Princess Nancyxx -/*/-, was also rated a premium foal at the large Hilltop Farm inspection, with scores of 8.4 for type, 8.6 for movement and 8.5 for overall impression and for an overall score of 8.5 She is staying with us as a broodmare prospect.

ALSANDAIR, 2001 gelding (Ariadus-Hillary) was also rated a Premium yearling at the AHHA inspection in October. He recieved scores of 8 for type with the comments of nice type and an 8 for movement with the comment of well developed movement, good suspension. His score of 16 was tied for the high score of the inspection. This is the first foal for Hillary and she is bred back to Ariadus for 2003. Congratulations to Nancy Cummings of Prestion MD on her purchase of Alsandair.
2001 was a great year for our breeding program, with many wonderful results for our offspring throughout the country.

Here are a few of the highlights!
ROANOKE (Riverman x Etoille), owned by Susan Stockton, won the 3yr old colt class, the Colt Championship, Reserve Young Horse Championship and was the Reserve Grand Champion at the Mid States Series Breeding Show in Kansas and qualified for the Cosequin/ USDF Breeders Finals. He is showing at Training Level in the mid 60's and will come out at 1st Level next spring.
           Photo by Terri Miller
DENALI (Davignport x Princess Nancy) traveled to his first and only outing of 2001, Dressage at Devon, where he won the Colts and Gelding yearling class with a score of 80% and beat out over 30 other colts. He handled the exciting atmosphere and the muddy footing with aplomb, especially when you realize he had not left the farm since his foal inspection over a year before!
LANTANA (Le Champion x Travellingknightly xx) had a great year as well. He moved from Novice Level to Training Level eventing in mid summer and won 2 Training Level events this fall, qualified for the Area II Finals for both 2001 and 2002 and placed 3rd in Region II for the Adult Amateur Training Level Year End Award. Not bad for a 5 yr old at his first year old in his first year at Training. He may go prelim next year if I can gather the courage!
RIGEL (Riverman x Etoille), owned by Barbara Reynolds, of Lawrenceburg, KY, placed 6th out of 34 at Dressage at Devon in the colts of 2001 class, 7th in the Old/NA class again out of over 30 in the class and against older horses, and 10th for Riverman in the Get of Sire class, paired with a yearling!. This was his second show, as he placed 3rd in the colts of 2001 class at the PVDA breeding show in August.

COVER GIRL (Wertherson x Noontime Surprise), owned and ridden by Heather Harvey, of PA placed 5th in the 3yr fillies under saddle at Dressage at Devon as well.

We had another superb year at our inspections!

Rivendell RIVENDELL (Royal Appearance x Princess Nancy), owned by Bonnie Forgacs of Trappe, MD, scored an 8.5 for all criteria and won the large Hilltop Farm inspection colt championship.
Rigel RIGEL (Riverman x Etoille) earned an 8.5 for movement, an 8.0 for conformation and an 8.2 for impression, giving him the reserve Championship. There were over 50 foals presented.
Rodanthe RODANTHE (Riverman x Noontime Surprise) was the Reserve Champion of the day for fillies with the amazing score of 9.5 for movement - the highest score in the USA!!, and the highest score given for that category in the last 3 years! She received an 8.5 overall.
Three foals, 1 Championship, and 2 Reserves,
including 2 in the top 10 for the country!
I am so proud of my mares!

Call, write, or send us an email for more information.

Elizabeth Callahan, 4471 Evergreen Road, Oxford, MD 21654
PH: (410) 226-5749

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